Patrick J. Rubey & Co. Certified Public Accountants

Patrick J. Rubey President

Our firm has partnered with Avonis going on four years and have derived immense value and efficiency from our relationship. Avonis champions themselves on providing timely, high quality work to its clients and they absolutely deliver. Partnering with Avonis has allowed us to stabilize our costs in the practice, and also has given us the time to allocate resources to business development. Avonis is a value driven practice who we highly recommend to any CPA firm.

APA Financial Services

Alex Afshari CEO

Working with the team at Avonis has been a valuable  collaboration  for our team at APA.  Our firm has rapidly grown over the last three years, and with that growth came additional work for our current staff.  We tried to utilize temporary staff to help our firm, but we did not receive a quality and consistent work product.  We reached out to Avonis to inquire about their services and were impressed with their vision of how they would integrate their staff to our firm.  Since APA has partnered with Avonis, we have been able to find a permanent staffing solution to accommodate our growth in a cost effective manner.  We highly recommend any CPA firm with staffing needs to contact Avonis, they are easy to work with and deliver on what they say.

U.S. Freedom Tax Services

Jonathon Hobson Partner

Our firm has worked with Avonis for three tax seasons, and the relationship has provided a substantial cost benefit to U.S. Tax.  Our practice, like many others, had to deal with consistent staff turnover from one season to another.  The process of interviewing, hiring, training, and developing employees is a large resource commitment for our firm. When we experienced staff to turnover it felt like we took a big loss.  Once we began our relationship with Avonis we immediately realized the direct cost savings from the partnership, but what we did not anticipate was the intangible savings we received.  The same employees that Avonis provided to U.S. Tax three years ago are still with us today.  Kash and his team provide staff that are skilled technically and efficient.  US Tax highly recommends Avonis to firms that have tax staffing needs.

Baste Financial Services

Nick Baste Senior Partner

We at Baste Financial have been using the accounting services provided by Avonis for nearly two years, and we could not be more thrilled with the synergy they have created in our office.  Our firm has employees that have been with us for a number of years, but due to the volume of clients we service, our employees did not have the opportunity to work on clients outside of their portfolio.  Our staff were not as engaged doing the same assignments over and over again.  Partnering with Avonis has allowed us to allocate basic accounting and tax work to their staff, and has given our staff the opportunity to take on more challenging and value-adding assignments.  Our office morale has been very high since Avonis has come on board.  Baste Financial highly recommends them to any firm looking to address their accounting needs.

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