About Our Firm

Avonis is a value-driven practice that  offers Tax, Accounting & Bookkeeping services to small and mid-size CPA firms. We support a client base that range from single member firms to multi-partner practices. We are committed to a seamless integration of our staff to your firm.

Avonis was founded in 2012 with the intention to support the tax practice of our founder and CEO Kash, along with his partners. Utilizing the staff at Avonis created great cost stabilization and office efficiency for the practice.

How We Began

Leadership  realized that any small to mid size CPA firm would benefit from the value created from a partnership with Avonis . We decided to develop and grow the Avonis staff with the intention of supporting other CPA firms.

Laying The Foundation

In the summer of 2012 Avonis signed its first engagement letter with another CPA firm.  It provided the firm with staff to handle both accounting and tax work.  The CPA firm was able to realize a substantial cost savings and also a more efficient office environment.  They continue to remain Avonis’s longest tenured client.

Our First Partners

As we continued to grow, Avonis gradually took on clients to partner with.  This was done strategically to make sure our staff had enough time to learn and develop organically.  Our patience has paid off as we are currently positioned to support the staffing demands of any CPA firm.

Labor of Love

Currently Avonis is one of the fastest growing firms in the Midwest.  We have a team of accounting professionals that are technically prepared to support the needs any CPA practice has.  Avonis is ready to partner with you to create the value and efficiency you deserve.

Who We Are Today


  • Kash is the Founder and CEO of Avonis.  Kash has over 20 years of experience in accounting and tax.  Prior to starting Avonis, he was Senior Manager in the International Tax Group at Aon Corporation. There he led the project that outsourced the companies tax compliance.  Kash used the successes and failures of this project to shape how the Avonis practice would work.

    Kash currently leads Avonis in the education and development of our staff.  He is unwavering on the quality of work that our firm produces, and believes that all our clients should receive the best deliverables possible.

    Kashif Puthawala CPA, MST
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Ilyas is the Chief Operating Officer of Avonis.  Ilyas has 15 years of experience in the accounting and tax industry.  Prior to joining Avonis, he worked in the International Tax Group of ExxonMobil.  While Ilyas was at Exxon, he worked closely with the companies tax call center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He oversaw and managed several projects that the staff were responsible for.

    Ilyas’s role at Avonis is centered around business development and client management.  He works closely with clients to understands their needs and processes, so that Avonis can deliver the value and efficiency that we pride ourselves on.  Ilyas also utilizes his call center experiences at ExxonMobil to enhance the training and development material that Avonis uses to mentor our staff.

    Ilyas Patel, MST
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Shehzad is the Chief Financial Officer of Avonis.  Shehzad has 20 years of experience in the accounting and tax industry.  Prior to joining Avonis, he worked in the Audit and Advisory division at Deloitte for a number of years.  Shehzad left his role at Deloitte to become CFO of an apparel company based in the west suburbs of Chicago.

    Shehzad’s role at Avonis is multifaceted.  As CFO he handles the financial needs of our practice, but he predominately works with our accounting and tax staff on a micro-level.  He takes great pride in teaching and mentoring Avonis employees so they can be prepared for the needs of our clients.    Shehzad has established a training and advancement program at Avonis so that employees can benchmark the successes they have.

    Shehzad Majid, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer

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